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Telstra's high-speed Internet spend just another stunt.

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Senator Kate Lundy Senator for the Australian Capital Territory Shadow Minister for Information Technology and Sport

Telstra’s high-speed internet spend just another stunt

Telstra’s promise to throw a bit of money at internet connectivity is a feeble attempt to pacify complaints from long-suffering victims of the telco’s neglect, the Shadow Minister for Information Technology, Senator Kate Lundy, said today.

“After questioning Telstra in Senate Estimates, I discovered that the paltry offering is scarcely more than a publicity stunt consisting of a mixture of rebadged and inadequately funded projects,” Senator Lundy said.

“For example, $3 million turns out to be for the upgrade of an additional 100 exchanges to be ADSL enabled - a project already underway before this announcement.

“On a similar vein, $2 million is to be spent on making pair gain systems known as ‘RIMs’ compatible with ADSL, which was also announced previously,” Senator Lundy said.

“Another $1 million will be spent on transferring customers to alternative copper pathways, a trifling amount considering the 1.3 million pair gains services in the network. This would equate to an expenditure of less than a dollar for every one of the million or so Australians currently burdened with line splitting (pair gain) technology.

“This feeble effort will not deliver Australians the standard of internet service they require either now or into the future.

“The fact is that a privatised Telstra would never bother to expend the ongoing amounts of money required to provide regional Australians with an up-to-date telecommunications network,” Senator Lundy concluded.

21 November 2002. Media contact: Simon Tatz - (02) 6277 3334 or Electorate Office - 0418 488 295.