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Garrett resurrects Latham’s Tassie forests policy.

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Last updated: 1 April 2007

Garrett resurrects Latham’s Tassie forests policy

Today on Channel Nine’s “Sunday” program, Labor’s environment spokesman Peter Garrett confirmed that, contrary to reports, Mark Latham’s Tasmanian forest policy is alive and well.

Outlining Labor’s Tasmanian forest policy principles, Mr Garrett confirmed that Federal Labor is planning to lock-up further tracts of working, renewable Tasmanian forest, over and above the almost 47 percent of Tasmania’s forests already locked up in perpetuity.

Kevin Rudd is playing Tasmanian forest workers and the Australian public for April Fools if he believes his “new” policy is anything other than Mark Latham’s 2004 policy by another name.

Mr Garrett and Mr Rudd must immediately identify which “high conservation value” Tasmanian forests they are planning to lock up. *(see below list of Tasmanian forests Labor identified as “high conservation value” in 2004).

The reality is, until Kevin Rudd and Federal Labor unequivocally commit to the Howard Government’s 2004 Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement as the end-game in terms of forest lock-ups in Tasmania, Labor simply cannot be trusted with the jobs of Tasmania’s timber workers.



Peter Garrett 1st April 2007 “Sunday” program

There will be “no overall loss of jobs in the forestry industry”

Mark Latham October 2004

Labor’s plan involves “no overall loss of jobs in the forestry industry” (Labor’s Plan to Save Tasmania’s High Conservation Value Forests (October 2004, page 5)

Forest lock-ups

Peter Garrett 1st April 2007 “Sunday” program

Labor will further “protect identified high conservation value forest”

Mark Latham October 2004

Federal Labor’s Tasmanian forests policy titled: “Labor’s Plan to Save Tasmania’s High

Conservation Value Forests” (October 2004).

Labor’s 2004 policy identified the following forests for protection:

Tarkine Wilderness and adjacent forests; Great Western Tiers, Eastern Tiers including Wielangta; Tasman Peninsula and Bruny Island; North East Highlands including Blue Tier and Mount Arthur; Ben Lomond Extensions; Eastern Boundary Extensions to the World Heritage area including the Picton, Huon and Weld River Valleys, Mount Field, Beech Creek and Counsel River; Styx and Upper Florentine Valleys; Reedy Marsh and Dazzler Range;

Leven Canyon and Black Bluff.

Following the Howard Government’s Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement all these forests with the exception of portions of the Styx, Upper Florentine and Tarkine remain renewable production forests.

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