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Eden RFA finalised.

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Media Release

Gary Nairn MP

Federal Member for Eden-Monaro


Thursday 26 August 1999



Eden RFA Finalised


“The Eden Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) has been signed by both the Commonwealth and State Governments,” announced Mr Nairn, Federal Member for E den-Monaro.


“Whilst I am relieved that this process has finally come to a conclusion, I am still extremely disappointed that the NSW Carr Government pre-empted the Agreement, making it impossible for the RFA to contain the best outcome for communities in the Eden and Bombala regions,” Mr Nairn said.


“It was a shame that the NSW Labor Government unilaterally made decisions last year, prior to the completion of the scientific studies, to declare National Park areas in excess of what was originally promised.


“This decision by NSW restricted the ability to maximise timber available for industry,” said Mr Nairn.


“Despite this, the Commonwealth has been able to have a significant input into the Agreement and I would particularly like to thank Forestry Minister, Wilson Tuckey, for his effort during the RFA process.


“The Commonwealth has been able to ensure that non-quality specialty sawlogs will be made available on a tendering process for possible use for higher value products by small millers. In the past, these sort of logs have only been available for woodchips.”


Mr Nairn also said that sawlogs coming from a trial of selective harvesting of ‘filter-strips’ will be available to the industry.


“Success of this trial would add to the overall available resource,” he said.


The Eden RFA provides for the supply of 25,000 cubic metres of quota quality sawlogs per annum for 5 years and 24,000 cubic metres per annum for the following 15 years. Of these, a minimum of 23,000 cubic metres per annum must come from the Eden Management Area.



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