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Labors commitment to a National Water Summit must include standing up to Labor States.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Andrew Bartlett Deputy Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Queensland Australian Democrats spokesperson for Environment & Animal Welfare

Dated: 22 January 2007 Press Release Number: tajkpbsi Portfolio: Environment & Animal Welfare Related: Energy and Resources

Labors Commitment to a National Water Summit Must Include Standing up to Labor States

Democrat Water spokesperson Senator Andrew Bartlett has welcomed Labors belated commitment to a National Water Summit in response to Australias growing water crisis.

"I welcome Mr Rudd's decision to make this issue a priority," Senator Bartlett said.

"The Democrats have been calling for a broad ranging National Water Summit involving all state and territory stakeholders since last September.

"What we have seen to date from the federal government falls far short of a national approach and it has not delivered a national strategy to tackle the crisis.

"As well as putting his weight behind a broad ranging National Summit, Mr Rudd has to show he is willing to stand up to the Labor state governments on this issue.

"The Beattie government in Mr Rudd's own state of Queensland would be a good start, as they continue to waste billions of dollars on unreliable and environmentally and socially destructive approaches such as dams to alleviate the water crisis.

"Pushing for a national approach to water will only be the best decision if Mr Rudd doesn't buckle under the states influence to pursue brain-dead options that may give the appearance of addressing the issue but in reality spend a lot of money while achieving little to ensure future water security.

"If Mr Rudd is serious, he has to be willing to push to put all the initiatives on the table for debate and discussion and to stand up to the states in order to deliver the best possible water security outcome for Australia," Senator Bartlett concluded.