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Minister's achievement award to communications scientist

The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, the Hon. Gary Punch, today announced the winner of this year's Minister's Award for Achievement in Defence Science.

Mr Brian Andrews, a scientist from the Defence Science and Technology Organisation's (DSTO) Electronic and Surveillance Research Laboratory in South Australia, won the award for his significant original contributions to the development of Defence Communications for the 21 st Century.

The award is made annually in recognition of work which contributes significantly to DSTO's objectives of assisting the Australian Defence Force gain the maximum advantage from both existing equipment and future purchases, and developing technological products with military and civilian applications.

"Mr Andrew's work is another good example of DSTO's ability to work closely with the Australian Defence Force and Industry to deliver timely, practical solutions that meet Defence's operational demands while increasing industry's ability to support Defence self-reliance", Mr Punch said.

Mr Andrews has been the driver and leader of the Defence Organisation Integrated Communication (DORIC) program, which has been widely recognised as an innovative and effective means for addressing development of military communications for the ADF.

The DORIC Program broke new ground in integrated strategic and tactical communication for the 21st Century when it was introduced.

"As well Mr Andrew's was responsible for the far sighted emphasis of using civilian communications standards as far as possible in the development of the system".

"His emphasis on using civilian infrastructure was groundbreaking when first introduced at the start of the program in 1989. Only now are Australia's allies adopting similar thinking", Mr Punch said.

"This award is about promoting excellence both within DSTO and the wider defence community and this year's award illustrates how Australia's scientist are up their with the best in the world if not ahead of them", he said.

Mr Punch presented the award to Mr Andrews at a ceremony at DSTO Salisbury in South Australia. The Minister's Award consists of a monetary component of $12,500 and a replica of the award sculpture by Connee Colleen.

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