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Howard backflips into climate change denial.

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Member for Kingsford Smith

Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage


The Prime Minister has let the cat out of the bag on his climate change scepticism.

In Question Time today, the Prime Minister was asked to comment on the “connection between emissions and climate change”.

The Prime Minister replied:

“The jury is still out on the degree of connection.”

For the last week, the Prime Minister has been claiming to be a climate change convert and then today, the Prime Minister completely contradicted himself.

The Prime Minister has had quite a journey - 10 years a sceptic; one week a climate change convert - and today, a backflip into a climate change denier.

This proves the Prime Minister does not accept the basic realities of climate change.

For 10 years, the Prime Minister has denied climate change reality and has failed to deliver climate change solutions.

You can’t trust our children’s future, our rivers, our beaches, our fields and our forests to a Prime Minister who does not believe there is a link between emissions and climate change.

The Government has failed to acknowledge climate change in the past and they will fail to act on climate change in the future.

Australia will only begin to address climate change if we have a change of Government.

For the record, the jury has spoken.

Six hundred scientists, including 42 Australian scientists, representing 113 governments on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have found that:

"Warming of the climate system is unequivocal as is now evident from increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, melting of the snow and ice and rising sea levels.”

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