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Republicans keep flagging more changes.

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Media Release

Tony Abbott, MP

Minister for Employment Services

Federal Member for Warringah


August 26, 1999






Republicans just can’t help themselves. Even though they’ve been warned that the plan to change the flag is a sure-fire vote loser, they keep letting the cat out of the bag.


In parliament yesterday, Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja said that (like just about every republican activist) she’d “always wanted” a new flag. “The flag is a secondary issue” she said, “but one that I look forward to debating after we become a republic”.


The republican plan, as revealed by Harold Scruby and confirmed by Senator Stott-Despoja, could hardly be clearer: first become a republic and then change the flag. Run dead on the flag now and ramp up the anti-flag campaign after the referendum.


Everyone who supports the Australian flag must now be deeply uneasy about the republican campaign. Where do Messrs Turnbull and Beazley stand? Unless they are prepared to publicly back the Australian flag, there is only one conclusion to draw.


If you want to keep the flag, keep the constitution too.


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