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Minister Andrews must quit after reissuing Dr Haneef a visa: Greens.

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Senator Kerry Nettle Australian Greens Senator for New South Wales

Minister Andrews must quit after reissuing Dr Haneef a visa: Greens

27th Jul 07

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today called on Minister Andrews to resign after reissuing Dr Haneef his visa.

“Minister Andrews has abused the powers of his office by politicising this matter and should resign from office”, Senator Nettle said.

“This scandal goes to the heart of the Government given that the Prime Minister through the national security committee of Cabinet provided advice to Minister Andrews in reaching his decision.

“Minister Andrews has based his decision made on inaccurate summary by his Department of information provided by the AFP.

“Minister Andrews has overplayed his hand and has been left high and dry by his own political manoeuvres.

“Dr Haneef has been branded a terrorist while the government has resorted to political opportunism.

“This abuse of power by Minister Andrews shows the Howard Government cannot be trusted with the extensive terrorism powers it has given itself.

"The Greens will move amendments to remove problems in the Terrorism and Immigration laws that have been highlighted with this case.

I am sure Dr Haneef and his family will be relieved by this decision and I also want to congratulate Dr Haneef’s lawyers for their fearless advocacy in difficult circumstances.

Senator Kerry Nettle met with Dr Haneef’s legal team this week.