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Extra $159 million for schools for a stronger Australia.

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Senator the Hon. Christopher Ellison

Minister for Schools, Vocational Education and Training

Senator for Western Australia


E 149/98

9 September 1998




The Federal Minister for Schools, Vocational Education and Training, Senator Chris Ellison today announced a total of $159 million in additional funding for government and non-government schools in the form of 1998 cost supplementation.


Recurrent grants for schools are to be supplemented by 4.6%. This is significantly higher than the Consumer Price Index of 1.3% for the same period further demonstrating the Coalition Government's strong commitment to schools.


“In dollar terms, this translates to an additional $155 million in recurrent funding to schools in 1998 over the current legislated amounts, and a total of an extra $470 million over the period 1998-2000,” said Senator Ellison.


Schools capital programmes will be supplemented at a rate of 1.4%, reflecting the change in the Building Price Index which is used to determine increases in building costs for the schools sector.


"This will mean an additional $4.1 million in capital funding over current 1998 amounts, and a total of an extra $12.3 million over the period 1998-2000.


“This $159 million boost to supplementation funding is evidence of this Government’s strong and continuing commitment to provide adequate levels of funding for school education.


The breakdown per State is as follows:


52.9 40.2 27.9 15.9 11.7 3.8 3.3 1.7 159.0


“This funding will guarantee that the value of the Commonwealth’s grants for government and non-government schools will not be eroded by cost increases and that the level of services provided by the schools sector can be maintained and enhanced in the face of rising costs,” said Senator Ellison.


The last three Federal Government budgets have provided an overall additional funding for schools of almost $750 million dollars, in aggregate an additional $1.47 billion since 1996 - the last year of Labor.


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