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Family Law Amendment Bill 2003

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12 February 20 18/03 03


The Family Law Amendment Bill 2003 was introduced into Parliament today as an ily law

w system, and are e Family Law ng separation.

lating to property and financial agreements are law.

The Family Court will be able to make orders binding third parties to give effect to

of provisions related to financial

ime for enforcement of parenting orders

introduced in the Family Law Amendment Act 2000 will be amended to improve

ture of the

the court and will ensure the

ges will have

art of the one court.

ake provisions relating to the rule making powers of the Court less proscriptive and reduce the details required in the Rules.

there to be a

to the overall confidentiality of counselling and mediation where the safety and wellbeing of children is at stake.

The changes made by this Amendment Bill are intended to benefit persons involved in family law matters.

This Bill will improve the procedural efficiency with which matters can be dealt with by the courts and assist in minimising the distress and trauma that arises when families break down.

important part of the Howard Government’s ongoing reform of the fam system.

The proposed reforms simplify and better integrate the family la consistent with the recommendations of the recent report of th Pathways Advisory Group Pathways to the Future for Families experienci

Many of the amendments re complementary to the recent changes to superannuation and family

property settlement proceedings.

The amendments will improve the workability agreements.

The three-stage parenting compliance reg

flexibility for clients, the court and program providers.

The Bill reflects changes that have been made to the management struc Family Court to assist the efficient administration of power of the court to use electronic technology.

The Bill contains provisions allowing split courts for appeals so that jud the capacity to sit in separate places as p

The amendments m

The Bill also contains changes to recognise that it is appropriate for limited exception

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