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Beattie's call for divine intervention won't absolve political responsibility on water.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Andrew Bartlett Deputy Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Queensland Australian Democrats spokesperson for Environment & Animal Welfare

Dated: 02 November 2006 Press Release Number: fvhwikhb Portfolio: Environment & Animal Welfare Related: Energy and Resources

Beattie's Call For Divine Intervention Won't Absolve Political Responsibility on Water

The Queensland government's call for divine intervention to alleviate South-East Queensland's water crisis doesn't absolve it from making the hard decisions to tackle the growing crisis, Queensland Democrat Senator Andrew Bartlett said today.

"What we need to pray for is a government with the courage to make the hard decisions based on facts rather than on short-term political interests," Senator Bartlett said.

"The Beattie government is relying on the promise of rain to fill our dams and to justify the construction of more environmentally, socially and economically destructive dams which are notoriously unreliable.

"The state government needs to bite the bullet and implement full recycling of our waste and storm water now. It should also be thinking about using this time to start locking in place a permanent shift to water-wise behaviour.

"Long term solutions such as recycling and water-wise thinking will do much more to address our water crisis than praying for divine intervention," Senator Bartlett concluded.