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A dollar in time will save $9

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Media Release



Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts

Manager of Government Business in the Senate


A dollar in time will save $9


All Australian businesses should be i nvesting in Y2K remediation and testing now and not delay until 2000 to take any action on the issue Senator Ian Campbell, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts said today.


“Y2K has to be fixed, it costs money and it will cost much less now than if you wait and see,” Senator Campbell said during an address to the Rotary Club of Melbourne.


To assist business the Federal Government in the 1998-1999 Budget announced that most Y2K software expenditure would be an immediate tax deduction. This includes initial diagnosis, software modifications and upgrades, and remediation and testing.


“Kicking Y2K issues down the road is not the answer,” said Senator Campbell.


Senator Campbell alerted his audience to yesterday’s report from Gartner Group Y2K researcher Lou Maroccio; “Up to 25 percent of the Y2K problems will occur in July 1999 and difficulties will increase significantly as businesses enter the fourth quarter.”


“As much as 65 percent of the Y2K problems will occur through the year 2000 and remain at that level for at least the first three quarters.”


“Problems will drop dramatically, to about 15 percent, in 2001,” he added.


“Y2K is not merely a problem limited to devices that would normally be thought of as computers,” Senator Campbell warned.


“Computer chips and computer technology are part of many things we use on a daily basis including lifts, navigation systems, air-conditioners and traffic lights.”


“I recently visited a major hospital that discovered the four year-old air conditioning system serving the hospital was not Y2K compliant. They have had to replace the system.”


“How many businesses, hospitals or other agencies will be able to operate at the height of the Australian summer without air conditioning?”


Australia’s $1 billion, ten year-old Parliament House has just had to replace its telephone system.


“I urge top level management to act now to prepare contingency plans for their organisations if they have not already begun to do so,” warned Senator Campbell.


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