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Why should parents who prefer in home childcare miss out?

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MEDIA RELEASE SF/214. Sunday October 21, 2007


"Surely parents know who is best to look after their kids. Many parents would like to have in-home childcare and pay a grandparent or a relative/friend to look after their kids, but guess what - they effectively can't," Family First leader Steve Fielding said today.

"Today Mr Rudd missed an opportunity to be different to Mr Howard. Mr Rudd also missed an opportunity to give parents more choice. It's all well and good to raise the Childcare tax rebate, but why not give it to ALL parents instead of only those who choose childcare centres?

"All parents should receive childcare help, not just those who opt to put their kids in childcare centres. Let's give parents real choice so, if they choose to have their kids looked after by grandparent or a relative/friend, they get the same childcare help.

"It is outrageous to think parents who opt to have their kids looked after in their own home get less help than those who choose to use childcare centres. Why should these parents be worse off?

"Parents know what is best for their kids which is why Family First wants Childcare payments paid to ALL Australian families with children under five."

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