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PM's GST panacea: a danger for education.

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Michael Lee - PM's GST Panacea - A Danger For Education Tuesday, 16 October 2001

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PM's GST Panacea - A Danger For Education Michael Lee - Shadow Minister for Education

Media Statement - 15 October 2001

It is dangerous for Australia's future that John Howard thinks the GST is the answer to all Australia's education needs.

As Australia continues to fall behind our competitors in education, the GST is John Howard's justification for doing nothing.

Mr Howard says the GST will be good for schools because the States will have more money.

But Mr Costello says the States won't break even until July 2006.

NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania won't get an extra dollar from the GST until July 2007. Treasurer PR 30/3/01, Attachment B


It's six years and two elections before these States get any extra GST money but John Howard thinks improving our schools and improving the quality of teaching can wait that long.

Students who started high school this year will finish Year 12 before their school gets any extra funding from the GST.

John Howard doesn't care, in eighteen months he'll be on the bowling green at Hunters Hill.

How can the GST help Australia's universities? All their government funding comes from the Commonwealth and has been cut by $3 billion under John Howard.

Mr Howard found an extra $800 million in extra discretionary funding for private schools without the GST but he couldn't find anything for public schools.

Australian parents know what the GST really means for education - higher prices for school uniforms, school shoes, many books, music lessons, private tuition and educational software.

And those higher prices are hitting family budgets today - not in six years time.