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Innovation to move Australia forward.

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Innovation to move Australia forward

Kim Carr posted Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr, said today that a Gillard Labor Government would work to raise living standards and create jobs by increasing Australia’s capacity to generate and apply new ideas.

Senator Carr was releasing Federal Labor’s Innovation Policy at the Central Queensland University in Bundaberg, with Federal Labor Candidate for Hinkler, Belinda McNeven.

“Federal Labor is building a high-tech, high-wage economy for the future. Research and innovation will drive that economy. They are critical to our national prosperity and wellbeing,” Kim Carr said.

“We have increased Federal funding for research and innovation by 34 per cent since 2007, reversing more than a decade of neglect.l”

The Innovation Policy sets out Federal Labor’s approach to innovation, achievements to date, and forward agenda.

It includes:

o A renewed commitment to deliver Federal Labor’s R&D Tax Credit, which is worth $1.6 billion a year to business and which has been stalled by the Coalition in the Senate

o Science for Australia’s Future - new directions for science focused on long-term planning, increased community engagement, stronger international links, and prosecuting Australia’s bid to host the Square Kilometre Array radio-telescope.

o Clean 21 - Federal Labor’s strategy to strengthen manufacturing and fight climate change by reducing pollution, cutting costs, increasing innovation, and supporting quality jobs in industry.

o A $30 million boost to the Green Building Fund, which supports retrofits to make existing commercial buildings more energy-efficient. Funding for this commitment has been provided for in the Budget through the Renewable Energy Future Fund.

This is part of Federal Labor’s plan to move Australia forward and deliver a strong and secure economy.

Ms McNeven said the people of Hinkler were important contributors to the national innovation effort.

“You can see that here at the Central Queensland University. You can see it in businesses

across the region, large and small. You can see it at the local level, where people are working creatively to improve the quality of community life,” Belinda McNeven said..

“The Coalition wants to create a low wage economy governed by brutal workplace laws. Federal Labor is taking the high road by investing in skills, innovation, and infrastructure to ensure that Australia maintains its high standard of living and goes on providing quality jobs right across the country,” Ms McNeven said.

Tony Abbott has promised to cut or abolish many of Federal Labor’s successful programs promoting innovation in industry. The Coalition have stalled the R&D Tax Credit, and the last time they were in office they cut public funding for higher education.

The upcoming Federal election offers a choice between a better plan for a stronger economy or no plan and high risk to our economy. Tony Abbott just doesn’t have the judgement to understand the need for these important investments.

A Gillard Labor Government will continue to work in partnership with industry to support innovation, generate new opportunities, and create high-skill, high-wage jobs.

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