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Bush insults Australia.

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Bush insults Australia

4th Jun 04

He should pull his head in - Brown

"Guantanamo military inquiry will be a whitewash"

President Bush's attack on the Australian opposition leader over the Iraq war is

patronising and insulting, Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

"He should pull his head in," Senator Bob Brown said.

"Australia is a sovereign nation, not some second-rate state in Bush's dream of American


"The Howard obsequiousness here also degrades our nation. No Canadian, British,

Japanese or Kiwi leader would put up with Bush's rudeness."

Senator Brown said President Bush had told Prime Minister Howard 'I appreciate your

candour' over allegations of abuse of the two Australians held illegally at Guantanamo


"Very different from when I raised this same issue with Bush in the Australian parliament

last October," Senator Brown said.

"Very different from Howard's 'grain of salt' dismissal last week.

"But the belated military inquiry will be a whitewash. Mr Howard must demand an

independent inquiry with Australian representation," Senator Brown said.

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