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Schools Assistance Bill to be introduced.

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The Hon Julia Gillard MP

Minister for Education. Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Minister for Social Inclusion. Deputy Prime Minister 23 September, 2008

Media Release

Schools Assistance Bill to be Introduced The Minister for Education, Julia Gillard will tomorrow introduce the Schools Assistance Bill 2008 into the Parliament which will deliver key elements of the Rudd Government's school reform agenda to non-government schools.

The Schools Assistance Bill will introduce new measures to help close the gap in educational attainment for Indigenous students and new transparency measures to ensure all Australian kids are getting a quality education.

The Schools Assistance Bill will deliver on the Rudd Government's commitment to ensure remote and very remote schools with a large number of Indigenous sLttdents receive the maximum amount of funding available under the non-government school finding model.

The Schools Assistance Bill will also ensure that the indexation and remoteness classifications of Indigenous specific education programs are aligned with mainstream indexation rather than at a lesser rate.

The Rudd Government is currently in discussions with State and Territory, Independent

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and Catholic school systems about the next quadrennial funding agreement which will

rniLline funding arrangements for all schools.

In particular, the 2009-2012 National Education Agreement will outline new transparency

requirements as well as the National Partnerships on disadvantaged schools, teacher quality

and literacy and numeracy being developed through the COAG process.

This Agreement will also facilitate funding for Government schools for the 2009-2012


Through the Schools Assistance Bill, the Government will ensure non-government schools

adopt the new transparenc y and accountability measures to be contained in the National

Education Agreement.

The Schools Assistance Bill also delivers on the Rudd Government's commitment to provide

certaint y to non-government schools by retaining the current funding model and indexation


As announced before the election, the Rudd Government will conduct an open, transparent

review of SES finding model over the next quadrennium to see what if any improvements

can be made to the model for funding arrangements beyond the 2009-2012 quadrennium.

The Rudd Government's priority is ensuring that every Australian child receives a world

class education and every Australian school is a great school.

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