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Transcript of doorstop interview: National Maritime Museum: 29 July 2010: Cabinet Leaks; Paid Parental Leave.

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Peter Garrett  


Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts, Member for Kingsford Smith  

Transcript of Doorstop with Peter Garrett

Peter Garrett posted Thursday, 29 July 2010

GARRETT: Here we are at the Australian National Maritime Museum to announce what will be an incredible

journey, where a replica of Captain Cook’s Endeavour travels right around Australia. A floating museum

giving people who sail on it an opportunity to experience what it would have been like for seafarers in the

18th century, and of course for many Australians, knowing what an important role Cook played in our

modern history, the opportunity to actually come and see this fantastic vessel when it stops in ports right

around Australia. I do want to wish the crew and those who sail on it all the very best for that journey.

And this is an important journey because one of the things that I felt was particularly important is for our

national cultural institutions to open up their doors and to share the great cultural riches that we have

with Australians wherever they live. And so this will be a brilliant opportunity for Australians to come on

broad this incredible replica vessel and get a real taste of what it was like when Captain Cook first sailed

in through the heads at Botany Bay in 1770.

I am also really pleased that we have been able to provide additional support for the Maritime Museum to

develop extra education facilities here, down at Darling Harbour. With record visitation taking place last

year - over half a million visitors coming to the National Maritime Museum - it is a place that is really

important because it tells us about our maritime heritage as Australians. It is also a magnet for tourists

that come and visit Australia, particularly when they come to Sydney.

So we wish them all the best on this journey and on this voyage and I very much look forward to seeing

how their experiences go as they travel right around this country in the Endeavour.

JOURNALIST: Minister, are we dealing with a divided Government in the wake of Ms Gillard’s leaks - leaks

about her?

GARRETT: Not at all. And I think from the comments that you have seen today it is very clear that the

commitment that we have for a Paid Parental Leave scheme is a commitment that is shared by everybody

in the Government. And you are going to see this Government continue to prosecute very strongly the

fact that what we have brought forward is a scheme which will be of most benefit and most real good

effect for Australians, for working Australians, right around this country.

JOURNALIST: Tony Abbott has said senior Labor figures are working against her, do you believe that is


GARRETT: Mr Abbott will continue to provide his commentary on this issue. We are 100 per cent

committed to prosecuting the case for a Paid Parental Leave scheme and a range of other policies.

What I can say is that all Mr Abbott wants to do is participate in the political debate as a cover for the fact

that his policies are deficient and his position keeps on changing on a range of matters.

JOURNALIST: Do you think voters should be concerned though?

GARRETT: Well again, I think it is clear that we are particularly keen to point out that we have a national

Paid Parental Leave scheme in place for the first time ever in Australia’s history. That is something which

is a significant step forward and a significant achievement for working Australians.

JOURNALIST: Do you believe Kevin Rudd might be responsible for the leaks?

GARRETT: Well I am not going to go into any commentary about these matters over the last 24 hours,

other than to say that the Government is 100 per cent committed to prosecuting the case for not only a

Paid Parental Leave scheme, which I think we can all be rightly proud of, but also a range of other policy

measures which people want to have serious consideration and debate about in the future.

Okay everybody, thanks very much.

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