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Oil spill report languishes in 'too-hard basket': Greens.

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Rachel Siewert  Australian Greens 

Oil spill report languishes in 'too-hard basket' - Greens

Media Release | Spokesperson Rachel Siewert

Saturday 17th July 2010, 12:19am

"The Gillard Government has had enough time to consider and get advice on the findings of the

Commission of Inquiry into the Montara oil spill," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"Has the issue of regulatory reform of offshore oil and gas industries been put in Minister Martin Ferguson's

'too-hard basket' to be buried until after the election?"

"The Prime Minister needs to step in here, release the report and outline the Government's reform agenda".

The report of the Montara Commission of Inquiry was formally handed to the Minister on 18th June 2010,

four weeks ago.

Senator Siewert has reiterated The Greens call for the public release of the report, for immediate action to

fix the problems with regulation and compliance of offshore oil and gas, and for an announcement on

marine sanctuaries.

"Marine protection is very clearly an election issue for West Australians. With little progress on marine

sanctuaries, the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico continuing to make headlines, and ongoing pressure for

the release of the Montara report, the Gillard Government needs to take some action."

"We believe that West Australians who are looking for protection from catastrophic oil spills and real action

on marine sanctuaries will be looking to The Greens," Senator Siewert said.

The Greens oil spill protection plan covers:

1. A moratorium on offshore deepwater exploration and drilling of new wells

2. Regulatory overhaul of the offshore petroleum industry

3. A comprehensive international regime for offshore activities

4. Comprehensive environmental impact assessments, baseline data and monitoring

5. A "polluter pays" statutory liability regime for offshore petroleum activities

6. Suspension of areas recently opened for exploration until the regional marine planning process is


7. A network of marine sanctuaries which includes the Naturaliste