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Rising to the challenge with help for innovation.

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Climate change is both a huge challenge and a great opportunity. It gives us the chance to create new industries, new jobs and sustainable prosperity by capturing a chunk of the growing international market for carbon-cutting technologies.

Committing to a low-carbon future now will accelerate innovation and give us a head-start in developing climate change solutions we can use at home and sell to the world.

That's why the Government is investing $75 million in the new Climate Ready program, which opened for business last week.

The program will provide grants to help Australian businesses create new products and services that will produce better environmental outcomes.

We are interested in hearing about innovative water recycling, waste recovery and renewable energy technologies. We are looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial processes and monitor emissions and energy use more effectively. We are also interested in green building products and appliances that will make our homes more energy efficient.

Grants will range from $50,000 to $5 million and pay for up to half of the project costs -- businesses will be required to match the grant at least dollar for dollar. They will support research, development, proof-of-concept and commercialisation activities.

Climate change is already causing more extreme weather events, pushing up average temperatures and reducing water security. It threatens icons such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Kakadu wetlands. Left unchecked, it will lead to more heat-related deaths and the spread of tropical diseases over much of the continent.

Science, research and innovative businesses can help us adapt to these dangers.

There is no single solution. Some answers will come from major breakthroughs in biotechnology, nanotechnology and materials science. Some will come from incremental improvements in design and engineering. It is vital that we support innovative Australians working in all these areas and


Climate Ready is the first of three initiatives to be launched this year under the banner of Clean Business Australia.

The second is Re-tooling for Climate Change ($75 million), which will help manufacturers upgrade

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Senator the Hon Kim Carr

04 Aug 2008

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their production processes to make them more water-wise and energy-efficient.

The third is the Green Building Fund ($90 million), which will help refurbish commercial buildings with the same aims in mind.

The answers are out there. The more individuals, institutions and sectors work together, the sooner we will find them. There is a hi-tech, high-growth, high-employment path to a low-carbon economy.

We accept that it will take lots of new investment -- in industry, in skills, and in science and research. We also understand that we will only get that kind of investment if people are confident about where we are heading and how we will get there.

The Government's job is to give business the certainty it needs to invest its money -- and individuals the certainty they need to invest their careers -- in creating climate change solutions.

That's why the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is so important.

Our aim is to create an environment that will unleash the creativity of Australians and prepare us for a better future. Climate Ready is just the beginning.

To learn more about Climate Ready and related Government programs, go to and follow the AusIndustry Products link. Applications for the first funding round close on 4 September.

Eligible climate change projects:

• Water recycling, waste recovery or small-scale renewable energy technologies

• Technologies that cut energy used by appliances or lift efficiency of industrial processes

• Biotechnology or nanotechnology that address the effects of climate change on humans and the environment

• Products, processes or services that monitor emissions or power use

• Green building materials that make homes more energy-efficient.

This article appeared in The Daily Telegraph, Monday 4 August.

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