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More taxes on alcohol won't do anything.

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MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday July 21 2010

MORE TAXES ON ALCOHOL WON’T DO ANYTHING: FIELDING Family First Leader Senator Steve Fielding says the Greens are a bit slow off the mark in trying to address our $16 billion alcohol toll by trying to introduce another tax which won’t do much to stop the problem. Senator Fielding says banning 24 hour bottle shops and de-hooking alcohol advertising from sport is a better way to address our alcohol toll. “The $3b alcopops tax has been a real fizzer so giving the Government more money will actually do nothing unless you introduce practical measures to reduce binge drinking,” Senator Fielding said. “Its good to see the Greens have finally taken an interest in tackling our culture of binge drinking but as usual they’re going about it totally the wrong way. “The Government has more than enough money from taxes and levies what we need to do is ban 24 hour bottle shops and de-hook alcohol advertising from sport. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Bob Brown had a few to many when he thought of this policy.” Senator Fielding said over the last 10 years more than 3000 Australians have died every year of alcohol-induced conditions. “If 3000 people died on our roads every year the Government would be doing everything in its power to cut that figure,” Senator Fielding said. “Now is the time for us to do something to address Australia’s $16 billion alcohol toll instead of just introducing another tax like the Greens want to do. “It costs taxpayers $16 billion a year mopping up the mess caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol. “Family First is the only party that has a real policy to address our culture of binge drinking.” For media enquiries phone Kane Silom on 0409 550 446