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ABC2 doubles audience in first three months.

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Media Room - Media Releases ABC2 Doubles Audience in First Three Months


ABC2, the national broadcaster’s digital platform, has proved a huge success, having doubled its

audience in the first 3 months of the availability of OzTAM data.

Starting on June 1, the first week showed the network reached 700,000 viewers. By the close of

the Paralympic Games on Wednesday September 17, the audience weekly figures had doubled to

1.5 million.

ABC2’s live coverage of Paralympic Games events, between 1pm-5pm attracted a peak audience of

56,000, while the 7.30pm-11pm session peaked at 108,000 viewers.

On average each week, ABC2 is reaching 860,000 viewers in five metro cities.

The ‘gold’ of the Paralympics isn’t the only driving force for ABC2’s spectacular audience growth.

ABC2’s children’s programming for the 0 -12 year-olds (Monday- Friday 10am-3pm), now stands at

an 11.5% share of the market. For the 0-4 year-olds, this jumps to a 14.8% share.

During the Monday to Friday children’s daytime slot, ABC2 is achieving a greater audience amongst

preschool children than all the other Pay TV (STV) channels. This included dedicated children’s STV

channels provided by Nickelodeon and Disney.

Event programs, such as the recent ABC2 Live Presents Keating! broadcast, attracted an

audience of 73,000 viewers, and an additional 1,600 people watched the show at ‘live’ broadcasts

outdoors in nine digital cinemas in regional centres around Australia.

ABC’s Managing Director Mark Scott said “This is convincing evidence that new content is driving

Australian audiences to take up digital television.

“The ABC is leading the way in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital media;

delivering new and exciting content that audiences value, through the success of services such as

ABC2, ABC iView, ABCNow, and successful podcasts and vodcasts.”

ABC2’s audience profile is skewed towards men and people aged 0-39 compared to the profile of

ABC1 during prime time.

The most popular nights on ABC2 are Wednesday and Thursday including programs such as The

Gruen Transfer, Spicks & Specks, and documentaries such as Krakatoa.

With a peak audience of 91,000, the most popular weekly program is Sc Scrapheap Challenge,

an engineering team game show where teams compete to build a working machine from scrap yard


Other popular programs are, Hidden Treasures with Betty Churcher, ‘shorts’ of programs such

as Collectors and Can We Help?, and the Audrey Hepburn movie season.

Paralympic Games Beijing 2008 Coverage on ABC1, ABC2 and ABC HD É Viewer numbers across ABC networks peaked at 1.5 million.

É 1.3 million Australians on average, per day, (5 city metro area) tuned in to watch five minutes or more of the Paralympic Games.

É Each day, 1 in 10 viewers (5 city metro area) visited ABC TV to watch coverage of the Paralympic Games.

É The coverage of the Games has boosted ABC2’s audience reach, from rating week 36 to week 37, by 60% to 1.5 million viewers.

É The Opening Ceremony, which was broadcast simultaneously on the other ABC TV channels, reached a combined audience of 1.2 million viewers. The closing ceremony reached 933,000 viewers.

É Viewer numbers peaked at 1.5 million on Sunday Sept 7 and Wednesday Sept 17.

É ABC TV provided the world’s most extensive coverage of the Paralympic Games coverage with around 130 hours.

É ABC2’s live coverage of events, between 1pm-5pm attracted a peak audience of 56,000, while the 7.30pm -11pm session, peaked at 108,000 viewers.

É The daily highlights program, hosted by Steve Robilliard, from 6pm to 7pm on ABC1 and ABC HD, attracted a peak audience of 448,000, and the late evening highlights package, hosted by Karen Tighe, attracted a peak audience of 219,000 viewers.

Source: OzTAM

For further information contact: Lesna Thomas, Head of ABC TV Publicity

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