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[Solar panel rebate] Warped logic? Yes Minister.

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The Rudd Labor Government is restricting the rebate for environmentally friendly solar panels because it proved too popular with Rudd’s ‘working families’.

In a piece of warped logic Environment Minister Peter “Once we win government we’ll change it all’ Garrett today said that Labor has restricted the rebate to families earning less than $100,000 a year because the scheme was ‘overheating’.

Shadow Resources and Energy Minister David Johnston said the logic reminds him of the hospital on Yes Minister that didn’t have any patients because it ran much more efficiently that way.

“Labor are happy to score green points by promoting schemes such as the rebate on solar panels so long as nobody wants to take part, and god forbid, actually buy some solar panels,” Senator Johnston said.

Senator Johnston said it was madness to means test a rebate which encouraged households to switch to a cheaper, renewable and non-polluting energy source like solar.

“The Federal Government should be celebrating the fact that the demand for the rebate, introduced by the Howard Government, was far exceeding expectations, not looking at ways to scale it back.”

“The impact has been immediate - the solar panel industry has received millions of dollars worth of cancellations already.”

“It their aim was to put up barriers to households to install solar panels then they have achieved that aim, and what an empty victory that is for the alternative energy sector and the environment in this country” Senator Johnston said.

For more information please contact Senator Johnston on 0419 963 575 or Rebecca Horton on 0427 449 120.