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$20 million towards securing water for Gladstone.

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Senator Penny Wong Minister for Climate Change and Water

Chris Trevor MP Member for Flynn

PW 107/08 7 July 2008


The Rudd Government is contributing $20 million towards the Rockhampton to Gladstone pipeline project to safeguard the region’s water supply in the face of climate change.

Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, said the 115 kilometre pipeline will deliver 30 gigalitres - enough water to fill 15,000 Olympic swimming pools - to Gladstone every year.

“As Australia adapts to the effects of climate change, these types of projects are crucial elements in our efforts to ensure all Australians have access to a reliable supply of water,” Senator Wong said.

“Half the funding is for pipeline planning and design work being managed by the Gladstone Area Water Board. The remaining half will assist the Board with the costs of construction.

“The Australian Government funding together with the $48 million already committed by the Queensland Government will contribute to the overall cost of the project that is expected to total some $345 million.”

The $20 million contribution honours an election commitment and is part of the Rudd Government’s long-term, $12.9 billion Water for the Future plan.

“Water for the Future has four key priorities: securing our water supplies, tackling climate change, using water wisely, and supporting healthy rivers.

“Projects like the Rockhampton to Gladstone pipeline help us deliver on these priorities.”

Member for Flynn, Chris Trevor, said: “Securing this water supply will help support future development in the region.”

“The Rockhampton to Gladstone pipeline will provide water to major industrial users and energy producers in the Gladstone area who currently draw water from the over-stretched Awoonga Dam,” Mr Trevor said.

“The pipeline is a key element of the region’s drought contingency plan to meet future industrial demand for water. Industry in the Gladstone area makes a significant contribution to both the Queensland and national economy.”

The pipeline will run from the Lower Fitzroy River west of Rockhampton to the Mount Miller pipeline near Gladstone. It will lie within the Stanwell to Gladstone Infrastructure Corridor for much of the distance.

The Rockhampton to Gladstone pipeline was identified in the Central Queensland Regional Water Supply Strategy released in December 2006.