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Gillard:a puppet for the Greens.

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Senator Fiona Nash  Senator for New South Wales

Gillard - A puppet for the Greens

24-July-2010 Source: Senator Fiona Nash -

Senator Fiona Nash, Deputy Leader of The Nationals in the Senate said today that the Greens will be pulling the strings when it comes to any climate change policy brought forward by Labor, if they have the balance of power in the Senate.

The Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne has been quoted saying: Getting a carbon price in the market as soon as possible after the coming election is one of the best ways to build consensus towards real, ambitions action. “Forget the Prime Minister’s sugar-coated policy of moving forward with a climate change commission and gaining consensus of a CPRS through a citizen assembly,” Senator Nash said.

“If the Greens have the balance of power, through their preference deal with Labor, the Greens will make sure Labor does exactly what they want them to do. This includes the introduction of a carbon tax as soon as they are elected.”

“A carbon tax does nothing to aid Australia’s environment or lower temperatures it is simply a massive new tax that will hit everyone’s hip-pocket.

Coal-fired plants will suffer under a Labor Government - they will need to invest in expensive technology to become carbon-cap ready, and these costs will be passed onto the consumer.

“However voting in a Labor-Greens Government is the first step to voting in a new carbon tax and an increase to every Australian household electricity bill.”