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Latham stump block in Styx forests burn: as protesters lower tree platform.

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Bob Brown, Senator for Tasmania

Latham stump block in Styx forests burn - As protesters lower tree platform

7th Apr 04

The already-logged block in the Styx forests visited by Opposition Leader Mark Latham with Greens Senator Bob Brown last month was burned in an inferno last Sunday in a "regeneration burn" by Forestry Tasmania.

Releasing film of the fire, Senator Brown said it illustrates the deliberate total destruction of the forest ecosystem.

"Next the Tasmanian Labor Government, with Mr Howard's blessing, will lay 1080 poisoned carrot baits to kill native wildlife trespassing into the block from adjacent forest," Senator Brown said.

"The Prime Minister calls this 'ecologically sustainable' - I call it a national disgrace."

Also today, the Wilderness Society and Greenpeace began dismantling the 65-metre high platform in the 83-metre tree called Gandalf's Staff, also visited by Mr Latham.

"This great tree in the Styx forests was due to be cut down last summer. Will the loggers move in now?" Senator Brown asked.

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