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Transcript of doorstop: Melbourne: 29 July 2008: Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

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PW 146/08 29 July 2008




WONG: Thanks very much for coming. Well another day another position from Dr. Nelson and the Liberal Party when it comes to climate change. Another day, another position from Dr. Nelson and the Liberal Party on climate change. What appears to be the case is that Dr Nelson continues to look for any excuse to avoid supporting the Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. What we know in Government, what we know, is that the opposition continues to look for any excuse to avoid supporting action on climate change, to avoid supporting the Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

The opposition remain divided and confused on this issue. The Government has put out a clear plan. It has put out its Green Paper on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme which sets out a clear plan to tackle climate change just as we committed to do prior to the election. What we have today is from the Liberal Party another day, another position on climate change. The Government will continue to act in the national interest on this issue. We believe that acting on climate change is in Australia’s national interest. It’s clearly in Australia’s national interest and we will continue to put forward our plans for the Australia people to tackle climate change.

JOURNALIST: Would you characterise this as a win for Malcolm Turnbull within that coalition?

WONG: I will leave others to comment on how this series of events came about. The only thing I would say is that the Liberal Party has had a range of positions in recent days on this issue and we have yet another position today

JOURNALIST: This is step back towards what the Government would believe is a common sense position though isn’t?

WONG: I had a little bit of difficulty discerning precisely what exactly Dr Nelson’s position was in watching his press conference today. It certainly appears that this is yet another position in a range of different positions. Dr. Nelson continues to look for an excuse not to support the Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, our call to the Opposition is this: we believe tackling climate change is an issue in the national interest. It’s in Australia’s national interest to act. The Australian people have indicated clearly at the last election that they did want action on climate change and that is what the government will be putting forward to the Australian people.

JOURNALIST: Minister do you agree with the Coalitions idea for a carbon tariff on China and India while they are not in the emission trading scheme?

WONG: I am not sure what you are referring to but what I will say is this: we have said very clearly in the Green Paper that of course we will have regard to the actions of other countries when we determine the path to the 60% reduction by 2050 to which the Government committed at the last


election. We do need to have an effective global agreement on climate change, we need an effective global agreement, the question is how can we best achieve that, and one of the ways we can best achieve that is by ensuring we take action at home.