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Garnaut Supplementary Draft Report.

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Urban Water 5 September 2008 Garnaut Supplementary Draft Report Today’s release of the Garnaut Supplementary Draft Report raises two important challenges for the Government. First, the Rudd Government has dropped the ball on protecting the great rainforests of the world. Professor Garnaut is right in highlighting the role that the great rainforests of the world can play in storing carbon. Only in the last week, the UK think-tank Policy Exchange released a report identifying the Coalition’s Global Initiative on Forests and Climate as a world’s best example of saving carbon. Yet for ideological reasons Mr Rudd would rather tax Australians than save the rainforests which would be the single biggest contribution Australia could make in reducing global levels of CO2. Since the election not only has the Government cut funding for protecting and restoring the great rainforests of the world, but it has given up on the push for an international fund to protect these forests and store enormous levels of CO2. Second, where are the Government’s own figures? Whilst Professor Garnaut is able to release figures, the Government is hiding its own figures. By contrast with Professor Garnaut, Mr Rudd will not release his modelling until after business and the community have been forced to respond to the Green Paper. This is simply unacceptable. Disappointingly, today’s supplementary report contains very little detail of the actual nuts and bolts of the economic modelling that underpins the charts and tables. This “black box” approach makes it impossible to independently verify any of the results. The Coalition expects that the Government’s economic modelling will be released in full to enable independent verification. We will consider Professor Garnaut’s figures very carefully. But, it is the Government’s figures we want, so as to understand the impact of their ETS on Australian jobs and on global emissions. In the meantime, Mr Rudd should release his figures, stop talking and start saving the great rainforests, rather than just taxing Australian jobs out of existence. Media contact: John Deller on 0400 496 596