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Appointment of Under Secretary, Defence Acquisition [Michael Roche]

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The Hon. John Moore, MP

Minister for Defence


Tuesday, 9 November 1999



Appointment of Under Secretary, Defence Acquisition


The Minister for Defence, John Moore, today announced the appointment of Mr Michael Roche to the new pos ition of Under Secretary, Defence Acquisition, in the Department of Defence.


“This completes the implementation of a decision I announced this year about the creation of a junior Secretary position to lead the Defence Acquisition Organisation in the Department,” Mr Moore said.


“I welcome Mr Roche to the Defence Department and look forward to working closely with him, the new Secretary of the Department. Allan Hawke, and all staff in the acquisition area."


Mr Roche is a highly regarded public servant with a wealth of experience in a number of departments and agencies. He is presently a Deputy Chief Executive Officer in the Australian Customs Service.


“Efficient and effective acquisition is a vital part of the Defence Organisation. It also is a difficult and testing one,” said Mr Moore.


“I have great confidence that Mr Roche, together with acquisition staff, will be able to provide what the Government wants and the ADF needs”.


Mr Roche is expected to take up duty on 10 November 1999. A copy of his CV is attached.




Mr Roche has been Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Australian Customs Service since May 1994. He had a major role in the restructuring of the Australian Customs Service following the Conroy Report. He was responsible for all bo rder matters, information systems and technology, quality management, intelligence, Coastwatch and internal affairs.


From August 1987 to May 1994 he was Deputy Secretary, Department of Human Services and Health with particular responsibility for corporate services, information systems, the regional office network, CSL Ltd and the Therapeutic Goods Administration. He played a key role in the Baume review of the TGA and the subsequent implementation of its recommendations.


He was First Assistant Secretary responsible for the Cabinet Office in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet from February to August 1987.


From January 1985 to February 1987, he was First Assistant Secretary Corporate Resources Division, Department of Health. In this position he was responsible for Resources and Personnel Management and Information Systems. He played a key role in a major restructure of the department in 1985.


Prior to that he worked from May 1980 as Assistant Secretary in the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, at first in Canberra in Corporate and Financial Management and then from January 1982 in London as Regional Director of Migration for Britain and Ireland.


His earlier Commonwealth Government Career from 1966 was spent in the Department of Finance and the Treasury where he was mainly involved in the development of large scale financial systems.


He is a Fellow the the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants and was the first Chair of the Society’s Public Sector Accounting Centre of Excellence. He is a member of the Australian Computer Society.



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