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Transcript of doorstop interview of the Acting Federal Labor leader, Jenny Macklin: Sydney: 16 January 2005: [National Day of Mourning; Mark Latham].

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Jenny Macklin MP Acting Federal Labor Leader Shadow Minister for Education, Training, Science & Research Federal Member for Jagajaga

16 JANUARY 2005


Journalist: What is your message today for this national day of mourning.

Macklin: It’s a wonderful thing that Australians have had today to come together to really pay their respects to all of those many, many people, thousands of people in so many parts of the world who have lost their lives who have lost their livelihoods who are still suffering and as we know will suffer for years to come. It is just outstanding the way in which Australians have dug so deep and been so generous and the message today from the church service here was - how wonderful it is that we see our neighbours as our friends, as fellow human beings and think that is what is so special about today.

Journalist: Do you think there has been an unprecedented level of unity displayed in Australia since the tsunami disaster.

Macklin: Well it has been a wonderful level of coming together, of solidarity both amongst Australians from all walks of life, but also of course a great outpouring of generosity, not only of money but also of course of spirit especially to our very near neighbours.

Journalist: Are you surprised to see ahead in the polls Mr Beazley with regards to the leadership of the Labor party.

Macklin: I don’t think it is appropriate to talk about those things today. I very much hope that Mark Latham is on the mend and certainly my thoughts are with him today.

Journalist: What about the states also their push for the Federal Labor party to get their act together.

Macklin: I think it’s important today that we show as Australians, that we are thinking of others, that we are thinking of those people in so many parts of the

world who have lost their lives, who have lost so much, I think that’s really where our thoughts should be today.

Journalist: What’s the latest you have heard on Mr Latham’s health.

Macklin: I spoke with him yesterday, so he’s still recovering and I certainly hope he does.