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The Howard Government's Record: John Howard has broken too many promises on higher education: $100,000 degrees.

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John Howard has broken too many

promises on higher education

$100,000 degrees

“There will be no $100,000 university fees under this Government.”

John Howard, Parliament, 14 October 1999


■ At least 45 full fee degrees over $100,000 will come online next year if the Howard Government is re-elected, according to the Good Universities Guide.

■ Degrees costing as much as $210,000 are already available for people who can pay and under the Howard Government up to 35 per cent of students will pay full fees.

Fee deregulation

John Howard committed his Government to: “A clear rejection of the deregulation of

university fees.”

John Howard, Parliament, 18 October 1999


■ The Howard Government is forcing students and their families to make up for $5 billion in funding cuts through university fee deregulation.

■ Universities are able to increase HECS charges by 25 per cent in almost all courses - on top of average HECS fees almost doubling since 1996.

■ Already 26 universities have voted to increase HECS if the Howard Government is re-elected - young Australians will be paying $20,000 for a science degree, $40,000 for a law degree and nearly $15,000 for an arts degree.

■ The Howard Government is planning to gouge a staggering $828 million more out of students and their families over the next four years.

The Howard Legacy

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American style higher education

“The Government will not be introducing an American style higher education system.”

John Howard, Parliament, 14 October 1999


■ The Howard Government is creating a system where money more than marks opens university doors.

■ Under a re-elected Howard Government, nearly 200,000 Australian students will be able to buy a university place through full fees.

■ Australia’s student fee structure is already one of the highest on the world scale. We are currently the fourth most heavily dependent on private funding out of all OECD countries. Only Korea, the US and Japan have higher dependence on private income.

■ Australian universities are now less than 3 per cent behind the US for share of university income from private households - that’s before the Howard Government’s 25 per cent HECS hike and expanded number of full fee degrees.

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F r a n c e I t a l y U K A u s t r a l i a U S A

Source: OECD Education at a Glance 2004, Table B3.2b, page 243, September 2004.

A Federal Labor Government will:

ƒ Stop John Howard's 25 per cent HECS hikes.

ƒ Abolish $100,000 degrees.

ƒ Create 20,000 new university places every year.

ƒ Restore proper public investment in our universities.

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