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Carpenter hopes uranium will save his bacon.

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Alan Carpenter has let slip that he voted in support of expanding uranium mining at the Labor Party Federal Conference in April 2007.

Four months ago Alan Carpenter blocked attempts by the Greens to enshrine in legislation a ban on uranium mining in WA.

Now, after arrogantly calling an early election, Alan Carpenter got spooked by the anti-Labor wave sweeping his State, did a radical policy u-turn and announces he will pass legislation banning any uranium mining in WA if he wins on Saturday.

And because he knows his argument is hollow, short sighted, and politically motivated, he decides the only way he will win it is by scaremongering with misleading and emotive language - desperation at its best.

As an example, Alan Carpenter is trying his level best to scare people by implying that Western Australians would have to deal with storage nuclear waste if it began mining uranium.

There is no precedent worldwide, however, to back up Alan Carpenter's claims. "Nations representing two-thirds of humanity are now using uranium to generate clean electricity, and each one is storing its small residual of waste in compliance with world standards," says John Ritch, director general of the World Nuclear Association and a former US Ambassador to UN organizations in Vienna.

“Nuclear energy is a clean, safe and viable energy sources with next to zero greenhouse gas emissions and is embraced by the leading countries of Europe and the United States as the only way to meet emission targets, and more importantly,

the only way developing countries like China and India can move forward,” Senator Johnston said.

“Alan Carpenter knows uranium mining in Western Australia is inevitable - he is using the issue this week as a wedge because he has been seriously spooked by the polls which show that his scandal ridden government is on the nose.” 3/09/2008

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Rebecca Horton Media Adviser Senator the Hon David Johnston