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Australian made, Australian grown campaign: speech, South Melbourne.

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Ministers for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research


153-161 Park Street South Melbourne, Victoria

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The now famous Australian Made logo was originally commissioned in 1986 by the Hawke Government.

Twenty-two years later, the Australian Government still thinks the logo is a great idea, and strongly supports its use to promote Australian products.

Why wouldn’t we, when awareness of the green and gold triangle is higher than ever?

Roy Morgan research tells us that it is recognised by 98 per cent of Australians and is the most trusted identifier for Australian goods.

Last year, the rules governing use of the logo were varied so that it could be applied to fresh and packaged produce, extending Australian Made to include Australian Grown.

Consumers in this country are very conscious of where the products they buy come from, and they are proud to see local products competing with imports.

Like me, and like the Prime Minister, they want Australia to remain “a country that actually makes things”.

The Australian Made Campaign is playing a very important role in helping us achieve that aim, so it is a great pleasure to be opening its new offices today.


We want consumers everywhere to enjoy the benefits of buying Australian-made and Australian-grown - not just in this country, but around the world.

Australia is a small market, and if we want our industries to thrive - if we want to create more jobs and maintain our living standards - it is essential that we increase our presence in global markets.

That’s already happening - our manufacturing exports grew by 3.6 per cent last financial year - but it is critical that we maintain the momentum.

Innovation Minister > Senator the Hon Kim Carr


Senator the Hon Kim Carr

30 Oct 2008

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One way to do that is by investing in innovation, which can give us the competitive advantage we need to win sales against low-cost producers in our own region and beyond.

This year’s budget included $1.1 billion for new innovation initiatives, including $251 million for Enterprise Connect and $240 million for Clean Business Australia.

The recently completed review of the innovation system will provide the basis for an innovation white paper that I expect to set the agenda in this vital policy area for the next decade.

Another way to increase Australia’s global market share is through effective marketing.

Since 2004, the Australian Made Campaign has received Commonwealth funding to help it promote Australian products internationally.

Last year, the campaign was extended into several new overseas markets.

In addition to the United States, Thailand, Canada and the United Arab Emirates, it is now working in China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the ASEAN countries, and India.

The Australian Government is supporting the campaign’s international activities with $2.7 million in funding over three years.

I will be following your overseas work closely, and wish it every success.

The future

Innovation is the key to making Australia more productive and competitive - and that includes innovative approaches to promoting the things Australia makes and grows.

The Australian Made Campaign has been leading the way in this field for more than two decades.

Let me conclude by thanking the campaign, its board, and its executive for the opportunity to open these new offices.

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