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Rudd held to account on fuel.

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Senator the Hon David Johnston Shadow Minister for Resources and Energy, Tourism

Rudd held to account on fuel

A Senate Select Committee to investigate Australia's Fuel and Energy options and current arrangements was established yesterday despite the Rudd Government dragging its heels every step of the way.

The Committee has a broad ranging mandate to consider all options, as well as what could be done better, to secure Australia's long term energy future.

It will also provide an accurate assessment as to whether the Rudd Government has provided any support to hardworking Australians who battle with ever rising fuel bills.

"With petrol prices reaching the $1.70 a litre mark, it is clear that Australians are demanding a secure, reliable and affordable energy supply, not more empty promises from the Rudd Government," Senator Johnston said today.

"The single biggest issue around the kitchen table and the barbecue stopper of all barbecue stoppers is the price of petrol.

"It is clear by the way the Government was dragged kicking and screaming to the table on this matter, that it is very nervous about serious scrutiny of its energy policies and frankly, given the Government's record in other areas, so it should be.

"After this Select Committee reports, we will know whether the much vaunted Petrol Commissioner has any effect on reducing the price of petrol or whether he is another layer of bureaucracy implemented by the Chief Bureaucrat, Mr Rudd," said Senator Johnston.

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