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Media Release


Australian JobSearch Website

The Australian Jobsearch Website today listed over 57,000 available job vacancies.

Unfortunately, today, two inappropriate positions were identified, have been removed and the organisation that posted the positions has been reminded of the terms and conditions for use of the Australian Jobsearch Website (AJS).

The two positions related to escort services. Albeit that in some States such services are legal, the Australian Government does not think such positions are appropriate for the publicly funded job search system and they are not allowed to be advertised on the AJS.

The organisation that posted the positions is not a job network member, but is a third party internet employment service which advertises a large number of positions on behalf of a diverse range of employers. That organisation is aware of the conditions and will ensure that no further such vacancies are placed on the site. Unfortunately, in this case, those positions were inadvertently placed by the organisation on the AJS.

The positions were removed as soon as the error was notified to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

While every effort is made to ensure that no inappropriate vacancies are listed, it is a public service and the advertiser is responsible in the first instance to ensure the vacancies meet the terms and conditions of the AJS. Those terms and conditions include the need to meet relevant State and Territory laws as well as precluding services such as escort services.

DEWR conducts regular random checks and responds to any reports of inappropriate jobs promptly as was the case today. A bureaucratic approach to vetting all vacancies prior to posting would only deny legitimate jobseekers rapid access to current vacancies and deny legitimate employers rapid access to interested jobseekers in order to avoid the risk of a small number of inappropriate positions that may from time to time be placed, then removed, from the site. On balance, maintaining public access is considered preferable.

Employers and agencies who repeatedly attempt to list inappropriate positions on the AJS are barred from the site. This is not the case in this particular circumstance where the organisation concerned has assured DEWR the posting was unintentional. Whilst, preferably, no such incidents would ever occur, two positions, quickly removed, out of

57,000 is a very small error rate.

For further information contact:

David Moore 0417 774 724