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Prime Minister's housing performance abysmal

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JULIAN BEALE, M.H.R. Shadow Minister For Housing and Construction Federal Member For Deakin


In answer to a question today, the Prime Minister told Julian

Beale, Federal Member for Deakin and Shadow Minister for Housing

and Construction, that he "made no apologies" for his housing


If the Prime Minister believes that an increase in average home

loan repayments for Australian families from $91.50 a week to

$132.50 a week over the past two years (an increase of $41.00

a week) requires "no apologies" he is displaying an abysmal and

insensitive approach to average families.

The question was as follows: .

"I refer the Prime Minister to the fact that over the past two

years the average home loan repayment, as a percentage of a median

family income of around $500 per week, has increased from 18.3 per

cent to 26.5 per cent. .

What is the Prime Minister's excuse for this massive 45 per cent

increase in the ratio of average home loan repayments facing such

families under the Hawke Government?"

In response the Prime Minister claimed to have answered this question in a reply he gave me yesterday on a question about new dwelling commencements. In fact, the Prime Minister's response to that question was to talk about company bankruptcies

in Queensland.

Again today the Prime Minister did not answer the question that I asked him. He talked instead about what he saw as Opposition policies. .

The Prime Minister's performance on housing deserves utter condemnation by all Australians.

18 February, 1987 17/87

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