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Minister for Sport Endorses Criticism of his Government and his Department

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MEDIA RELEASE I C O M M O N VV UAL i n a I PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY PETER WHITE M.P.S c - *·s· _____ 1 Member for McPhersonSHADOW MINISTER FOR SPORT, RECREATION & TOURISMRef NO.:PP206/86 10th November, 1986MINISTER FOR SPORT ENDORSES CRITICISM OF HIS GOVERNMENTAND HIS DEPARTMENT"The bureaucracy of sport has grown significantly in recent years, during a period in which Australian sporting performance with some exceptions, has been disappointing and declining" is a quote from the Strategic Plan of the Australian Sports Commission 1986-87 to 1988-89."This is exactly what the Opposition has been saying for some time and always denied by the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism."As he has warmly endorsed the Strategic Plan in which the above quote is contained, it follows that he now agrees that the growing bureaucracy is taking money away from direct assistance to sport," Peter White the Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism said today."There has been an undoubted growth in bureaucracy in the last 3 years."In 1983 within the Department and the Institute of Sport there were 5 officers at Class II level or above. By 1986, at the Department, the Institute and the Commission there were 23 at Class II level or above."This is a massive increase in 3 years by anystandards."While Commonwealth funding has approximately doubled since 1983, senior.staff costs have quadrupled."There has also been an unwarranted increase in the number of Boards and Board members."There are now 39 Board Members sitting on 3 Government appointed authorities and 29 of these have been appointed since- 1983. One Board with limited members could and should be doing the job.. "There are 10 on the Board of the AustralianInstitute of Sport. 7 on the Board of the Sports Aid Foundation and 22 on the Board of the Australian Sports Commission.For further information — Gold Coast 075 501199 — Canberra 062 72 7538

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"The Australian Spoirts Commission with a small Board would be sufficient.

. "There is also the matter of duplication between the Department and the Australian Sports Commission and the Institute of Sport as well as a lack of clear cut responsibilities between these bodies. . · '

. "All this supports the point made in the Strategic

Plan and made by the Opposition, that bureaucracy is the big growth industry in Australian sport.

"By endorsing the Plan the Minister obviously



Contact: Peter White 062 72 7538