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Paul Keating on trial

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On Monday, March 23,, 1992 at. 6,30 p.m., Channel Nine will present a special one-hour edition of A CURRENT AFFAIR titled "Paul Keating On Trial."

The program is a mock trial of Prime Minister Paul Keating, in front of a judge and jury. The charge: murdering the Australian economy.

Mr. Keating's defence counsel is a leading Sydney barrister, who cannot be named for ethical reasons,

The prosecutor is former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange. · ,

The judge is Sir John Starke - the Victorian Supreme Court judge who sentenced Ronald Ryan to hang.

The jury was selected at random from Mr. Keating's own electorate in Bankstown.' All are swinging voters.

A total of eight witnesses will be called, Witnesses for the prosecution include stockbroker, Rene Rivken, failed tycoon Mark Povey, an unemployed person and a farmer, witnesses for the defence include Keating biographer Edna Carew, Accord architect Professor Barry Hughes> Federal Labor MP Janice Crosio, and. ALP advertising figure, "Whinging Wendy" Wood.

The program will be hosted by JanEt Wendt.

Executive Producer, Stephen Rice, said: "People have often accused Paul Keating of killing the economy - we've decided to examine that accusation in the framework of a criminal trial. · ■ ' ' ■ . ' · ' .

"Both sides will be strongly put - by extremely able legal counsel, and by the witnesses each side will call. .

"Mr. Keating will get a fair trial," he said.

The program will go to air at 6.30 p.m. on Monday, March 23. The verdict. - and the results of a viewer's phone poll to be conducted on Monday night - will be screened in a follow-up program on Tuesday, March 2^, .

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