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Piggery joint venturers called on to abide by law

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- Today in the Senate, I gave notice that, on the next day of sitting, I would move that the Senate:-Notes that the NSW government has given strictly limited approval to the expansion project of the Prime Minister's formerly half-owned piggery group that is part of its

proposed joint venture with Danpork, limiting it to 45,000 pigs instead of the 88,000 originally requested and imposing stringent environmental controls.

Notes the criticism by Mr Christopher Coudounaris, who is secretary of Mr Keating's family company, a director of the Australian-owned piggery holding company and a director of Danish owned companies in the joint venture, of the NSW government's handling of this matter which, he said, had not created a good

impression with the Danish heads of Danpork who had been questioning why it was so difficult to get a substantial investment project such as this underway.

Notes that many Australians are concerned at the appalling record of this group in its approach to the laws of this land, both financial and environmental, particularly during the three years Mr Keating was half-owner of its Australian joint venture partner.

Calls on whoever is now the real beneficial owner of Mr Keating's formerly half- owned piggery, and on the Danish joint venture partners, to abide by the environmental and development laws relating to this venture and to behave like good corporate citizens instead of continuing the contempt they have shown to the corporations law and to Australian Security Commission requirements over recent years.

12 May 1994

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