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Australia Day greetings from US Chief of Staff

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' Directorate of Public Relations,

Army Headquarters, CANBERRA» A.C.T.


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On the occasion of Australia Day, the following greetings have

been sent to the Chief of the General Staff'}·· Lt Gen MsE. Brogan from the

Chief of Staff-, US Army, Gen William C. Westmoreland: « On the occasion of the celebration of Australia Day, I take

great pleasure in extending the sincere congratulations of the men

and women of the United States Army to the personnel of the Australian

Army..' As English-speaking people with a common heritage, our comradeship

has developed in an atmosphere of confidence and trust, particularly during

the trying times of two world wars, the Korean War, and the conflict in

Vietnam. We look forward to a continuation of mutual respect and v

friendship long enjoyed by our countries and our armies.

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Further information:

CANBERRA: .-Major T.C. Bannister ■ Office (65-40^0)

January 25, 1972 Home (81-5792)