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14,000 clean, green jobs: not backwards-looking buffoonery.

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Scott Ludlam

14,000 clean, green jobs; not backwards-looking buffoonery Media Release | Spokesperson Scott Ludlam

Thursday 18th June 2009, 7:38pm

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While a small number of politicians have made a last-minute dash to join the Flat Earth Club, the Australian Greens have

welcomed a new report that has found wave energy could employ more than 14,000 Australians by 2050.

The report by Fremantle-based, Australian company, Carnegie Corporation Ltd and WWF says building 1,500MW of wave

energy power stations by 2020 would create 3,210 Australian jobs and create enough energy to power 1.2 million

households. By 2050, 14,380 jobs could be created, producing 12,000MW of clean, renewable power.

“The jobs will be where most of our population is - in coastal areas - and will be in metal trades and manufacturing,”

Senator Ludlam, the Greens’ Spokesperson on Sustainable Cities, said.

“This is the kind of industry we should be embracing.

“Unfortunately, as we come to the crunch with a decision due in Canberra next week on a national emissions trading

scheme, some politicians are making an unedifying spectacle of themselves by declaring they are climate change deniers.

“Wave power is a reliable, emissions-free source of baseload power capable of providing four times our national current

power needs.

“Wave energy, along with solar thermal, wind and geothermal means that there is simply no reason any more to burn

dirty fossil fuels.

“As this report shows, Australia is blessed with abundant wave energy sources, including the mid-west, south-west and

south coasts of Western Australia; Limestone Coast of South Australia; and parts of Victoria; western Tasmania and

southern and central New South Wales.

“It is time to embrace the magnificent opportunities we have before us in renewable energy instead of spending billions

of dollars of taxpayers’ money propping up industries with finite futures.”

To read the Carnegie Corporation-WWF report, go to:


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14,000 clean, green jobs; not backwards-looking buffoonery | Scott Ludlam

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