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Yesterday's plan from yesterday's man.

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Last updated: 27 November 2005

Yesterday's plan from yesterday's man

DAFF05/232M 27 November 2005

Mr Beazley's comments relating to a 'Coastguard' is yesterday's plan from yesterday's man.

In a typical bureaucratic proposal, Mr Beazley wants to establish another bureaucracy, whose only role is to impede the great work done by Navy, Customs and Fisheries officers co-ordinated by Coaswatch.

His un-funded plan would have fewer resources and less impact than the current strategy.

All the powers he is calling for currently exist.

Navy, Customs and Fisheries officers already have the power to remove any infrastructure, arrest fishers and apprehend boats.

Mr Beazley should get out and speak with our Navy, Customs and Fisheries officers, who have bases right across the top end of Australia, and have, this year, apprehended a record 231 vessels.

Further inquiries:

Senator Macdonald’s office: David Crisafulli 0400 144 483