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Senator Hutchins' challenge to Campbell to stop the spin.

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Senator Steve Hutchins

Senator for New South Wales

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NSW Labor Senator Stephen Hutchins today challenged the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Senator Ian Campbell over his newly acquired desire for an inquiry into the problems of teenage indebtedness.

"I can't help but doubt Senator Campbell's concern for this issue.

"If he was so worried about the financial hardship that many young people are encountering today, then his government's disinterest in Senate Inquiry into financial hardship demand an explanation" Senator Hutchins said.

Senator Hutchins' comments came after Senator Campbell acknowledged that an increasing number of young people are finding themselves trapped in high levels of personal debt.

"I've listened to the stories of young people from all across Australia. I've heard how hard it is to get ahead these days.

"They've had to grow up with insecurities that my generation never knew, while this government has been kicking out the rungs on the ladders of opportunity from beneath them."

The Senate's inquiry, of which Senator Hutchins is Chair, has focused on this issues of youth unemployment and disadvantage, exploring the ways in which growing up in poverty affects young people.

"It's just not good enough that Ian Campbell has scrounged around trying to find some values because his boss Peter Costello suddenly has a social conscience.

"I'd like to see Senator Campbell get his Government behind this inquiry so we can understand the real reasons for youth indebtedness - not just cynical media spin to divert attention away from it. I await his response" Senator Hutchins concluded.

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