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Garrett: what a hypocrite.

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Tue, 16th September 2008 GARRETT - WHAT A HYPOCRITE

The Hon John Cobb MP Shadow Minister for Regional Development and Water Security

Environment Minister, Peter Garrett grasp on his portfolio was seriously being questioned today after he claimed approving the theft of up to 110 billion litres out of the Murray Darling Basin was good for the MDB Environment.

“Mr Garrett then tried to claim the Labor Party was doing something for the environment because it bought Toorale Station, which currently has about 7 billion litres in storage,” the Shadow Minister for Water Security, John Cobb said today.

“How can the Labor Party claim that it is helping the environment when the Minister for the Environment has just given approval under the EPBC Act for the Victoria Government for 16 times more water to be taken out of the MDB than was stored in the Toorale Station dams?

Mr Cobb said the hypocrisy of the Rudd Government was breath-taking.

“The decision by Mr Garrett to give the green light to the Victorian Government to build the north-south pipeline makes the Labor Party the biggest water thieves in the Nation.

Mr Cobb said MDB communities and the environment are desperate for water, yet in this time of crisis the Rudd and Brumby Governments believe they can steal the water from the Basin and use it to flush toilets in the Melbourne.

“Peter Garrett is a sad caricature of his pre-Labor environmental activist days. Since joining the Labor Party he has become the Grim Reaper of the Murray Darling Basin.

“The Prime Minister needs to explain to MDB communities why Melbourne’s water needs are being place above those of the towns, farmers and environment of the crisis stricken MDB.

Mr Cobb said the MDB could not afford to loss up to 110 billion litres of water each year and the Rudd Government should abandon its support for the north-south pipeline.