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Office for Women a shambles under Howard.

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S e n a t o r T r i s h C r o s s i n

A L P S e n a t o r f o r t h e N T

16 February 2005

Office for Women a shambles under Howard

The key Government agency responsible for advocating Australian women’s perspective has not updated their website for almost twelve months.

The Government tried to persuade a Senate Estimates Committee today, that the Government is as concerned as ever about communicating with women.

Yet the most recent news for the Office for Women on its website is almost twelve months old.

When contained in Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, The Office for Women did not have the Prime Minister’s support for resources to update their website.

Now contained within the gargantuan Department of Family and Community Services, Minister Patterson similarly has made little effort to give the Office the IT and other support they need to do their job.

International Women’s Day 2005 will be celebrated in less than three weeks time (March 8), yet the website is still advertising the 2004 event.

International Women’s Day is a critical annual event for all Australians to reflect on the continued barriers that women face.

For instance, Australian women on average are earning $310 per week less than their male counterparts.

And, more than 1 in 3 women will experience physical and or sexual violence at some point in their lives.

It’s time for the Howard Government to wake up to itself and actually do something for the Australian Women. Further Information: Senator Trish Crossin (02) 6277 3777 or Monika Wheeler 0407 674 313