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Rudd must heed scientists, reject Garnaut's defeatism: Greens.

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Senator Bob Brown Senator for Tasmania

    Hobart, Monday, 29 September 2008

Rudd must heed scientists, reject Garnaut's defeatism: Greens

Prime Minister Rudd must reject the defeatism expected in Professor Garnaut's final report tomorrow and heed the advice of scientists to push for strong emissions targets that can prevent runaway climate change, according to Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown.

"The science is clear - we cannot afford to fail on climate change," Senator Brown said.

"Australians know that success is the only option, and at the next election they will rightly punish the Rudd Government if it runs up the white flag."

"Big polluters are repeating the errors of the sub-prime situation, maximising their profits now and banking on ordinary people carrying the cost down the track.

"The difference is, while Wall St banks can rely on bail-outs if they fail, there can be no bail-out if we fail to prevent runaway climate change," Senator Brown said.

"The warning letter from prominent climate scientists to Kevin Rudd, publicly released today, should make it absolutely clear that the target Professor Garnaut is expected to recommend tomorrow is scientifically unacceptable.

"The 25% target the scientists recommend is the absolute minimum and still leaves a very high risk of catastrophic climate change. Australia can and should do better, targeting 40% reductions by 2020 on our way to building a zero carbon economy by mid-century at the latest."

Senator Brown also welcomed the poll released by Greenpeace today, showing Australians do not want emissions trading revenue to be handed straight back to the polluters in 'compensation' payouts.

"Australians know that the coal sector has raked in massive profits from polluting our planet. The time has come for polluters to pay their way, and for the revenue to be invested wisely in clean technologies and in helping Australians save energy."

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