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Gillard 'moving backwards' on climate crisis.

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Christine Milne  Australian Greens 

Gillard 'moving backwards' on climate crisis

Media Release | Spokesperson Christine Milne

Friday 23rd July 2010, 11:39am

Prime Minister Gillard's climate change policy announced today is an excuse for more delay

on the climate crisis, the Australian Greens said today.

"Prime Minister Gillard is showing a complete lack of leadership on the climate crisis,"

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

"The Greens stand ready to work with a re-elected Gillard government to deliver a carbon

price fast, and the community is clamouring for action, but the Prime Minister is making

excuses for more delays instead of embracing the opportunity.

"Ms Gillard's announcement today does nothing to give certainty to business. Meanwhile,

China is moving fast towards a carbon price and India already has a tax on coal, leaving

Australia far behind.

"What we have heard from the Prime Minister is recycled rhetoric from the past four years, a

repeat of Labor's old failed climate approach, not any commitment to real action.

"Ms Gillard's talkfest is nothing more or less than trying to re-educate the community about

the fatally flawed emissions trading scheme.

"We already have 150 people being elected right now to debate and make decisions on

climate change - it's called Parliament, Prime Minister.

"Leadership on climate would have seen the Prime Minister saying 'no more coal'. Instead,

her promise on emissions standards for coal fired power stations is meaningless.

"There are 12 coal fired power stations on the books for Australia right now and Prime

Minister Gillard's promise will not apply to these.

"The UK recently dropped its commitment to making new coal fired power stations 'carbon

capture ready', acknowledging that it was meaningless. Instead they have committed to

building no more coal fired power stations unless and until carbon capture is proven and


"Whilst the Greens welcome the Prime Minister's announcement of $1billion for the

renewable energy grid, this is a drop in the ocean over 10 years. Compares it to the $2.5

billion already allocated to carbon capture and storage and it is patently nowhere near what

is needed to drive a renewable energy revolution.

"For all of this year, the government has argued that it will not move on a carbon price

because it does not have the Senate numbers to do so.

"Prime Minister Gillard is now saying that she will not support the Greens' proposal for a

carbon levy even the Greens and Labor have the numbers to deliver one in the new Senate

because we have to wait for her talkfest to finish.

"The community will not accept that excuse and neither will the Greens."