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Majura Parkway upgrade best infrastructure in Australia but passed over by Labor.

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Despite the Majura Parkway being assessed by Infrastructure Australia as the best infrastructure project in Australia, it hasn’t received any Commonwealth funding.

A report by the Auditor General into Infrastructure Australia has revealed that of 9 priority projects the Majura Parkway upgrade had the best benefit-cost ratio.

Instead, Labor spent $2.2 billion on projects that didn’t make the grade.

This is yet another example of a major government program being mismanaged which, as a result, has seen Canberra miss out.

In addition, the Auditor General's report reveals that the ACT Labor Government failed to complete profiling templates for other specific projects in the ACT.

This shows appalling incompetence and neglect in standing up for this community.

Once again Canberra Labor has proven itself to be a doormat for federal Labor.

Because of Labor’s reckless mismanagement and spending, it is now unlikely that the Majura Parkway will be upgraded any time soon.

Labor’s reckless spending now sees them having to borrow $100 million a day. In fact, Labor is borrowing the equivalent one and a half Majura Park upgrades every single week.

I will fight to get Majura Parkway onto the agenda. However, I suspect this will now only be achieved in better economic circumstances. Labor is squarely to blame.

This is the latest in a series of blows to the ACT, including cuts to the NCA, signing up to lose 50% of our GST revenue as a part of Labor's controversial health reforms and other grants programs missing the ACT completely.

Labor takes the ACT for granted. Senator Lundy and Canberra Labor have proven themselves incapable of stopping this.

Canberra deserves better. Indeed it needs real local solutions.   Please see attached, the relevant pages from the ANAO report.