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Pearce slams Federal Labor on Scoresby tolls.

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CHRIS PEARCE MP Federal Member for Aston

Media Release


Federal Member for Aston Chris Pearce has condemned the federal ALP after its support for tolls on the Scoresby freeway was revealed in Parliament last week.

Mr. Pearce said Labor’s backing of tolls on the Scoresby was a “total betrayal of every motorist in the eastern suburbs”.

“To this point, Mark Latham has tried to sit on the fence on the issue of tolls but now the truth is out: federal Labor has thrown its lot in with the Bracks Government and sold out the people of the eastern suburbs”.

Mr. Pearce’s comments follow the revelation by Deputy Prime Minister and Transport Minister John Anderson in Federal Parliament last Thursday that Shadow Transport Minister Martin Ferguson told a recent meeting of the Tourism and Transport Taskforce that the Scoresby project “should have been done like the Western Sydney Orbital Road” - a tollway.

Mr. Pearce said Mr. Ferguson’s comments have “let the cat out of the bag”.

“Mr. Latham thought he could bluff his way to election day, but now federal Labor has been publicly exposed for what it is. Mr. Ferguson has let slip what the ALP did not want us to know: Labor supports tolls on the Scoresby”.

“Labor’s support of tolls is a slap in the face to every local motorist - Mr. Latham has sold the people of the eastern suburbs down the drain”, Mr. Pearce said.

17 August 2004

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