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Nelson to privatise year 3

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Senator Kerry Nettle

Senator for New South Wales

Nelson to privatise year 3 19th May 04

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle described today’s announcement by Education Minster Brendan Nelson that students failing year 3 literacy tests would be given vouchers for extra tuition as a ‘privatisation of year 3 literacy’.

“The Minister is subsidising parents to support private tuition rather then ensure that public schools are resourced to do the best job they can,” Senator Nettle said.

“If students are struggling in year three then funding public schools to reduce class sizes and allow more teacher student contact is the obvious solution.

The vouchers will only be available in states which publish the results of literacy tests, therefore facilitating the move to national performance league tables.

“This is another attack on teaching unions and public schools which for very good reasons are resisting the government’s push for school league tables.

“Reporting of results for children this age is always going to be controversial but instead of trying to win the argument on merit the Minister has resorted to bribery.

“Today’s announcement confirms this government as an administration more interested in wedge politics then good policy.

“Not satisfied with insulting teachers with the ‘values’ agenda the Minister has now moved to privatise year 3 reading for struggling kids.”

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